Decided to share the process of adding a crushed stone inlay to a wooden ring. Starting with an Indian Rosewood blank I prepared earlier, a channel has to be cut to receive the inlay. A tool called a purfling cutter (easy to make or can be purchased from a Luthier supplier) is used to score two lines on the ring.

Inlay stage 1

The area between the scored lines can then be chiseled out. Here I am using my trusty 2mm chisel. It may be necessary to periodically re-score and chisel to reach the target depth.

Inlay stage 2

Inlay stage 3

The process of inlaying the stones requires a surgeons hands and a good deal of patience. Using tweezers I position half a dozen or so stones at a time in the channel. In this case I am using Turquoise and Jasper.

Inlay stage 4

A drop of thin cyanoacrylate glue is added to fix then in place. The glue has to be dropped onto the stones to avoid disturbing their position.

Inlay stage 5

Once all the stones are set add more glue to fill any gaps before tediously filing and sanding up to 12000 grit and burnishing to a high gloss finish.

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